Collect and make drawings related

What is Tuujee?

Tuujee is a platform for users to freely collect paintings art .

We combine human recognition and machine algorithms to recommend inspiration for you .

What is the content?

The specific content of the Tuujee depends on users

but we insist on our aesthetics

which will make this site have the following tendencies


what Tuujee may show less

Comic/3D Digital Art/Traditional Fine art

what Tuujee may hide or delete

Photo/Porn Pic/Clumsy Doodle

Why need Tuujee?

  • click one then view all, tuujee’s mission is to connect all paintings to inspire people, which means: There is no search box for the time being, instead there is an association algorithm. If you are disappointed with the search engines and useless tags of some sites, tuujee will make things simple.
  • As long as the works you publish is artistic, the image can have related images, and we will treat the works fairly. Your image won’t be shielded in a black box just cuz it has bare elements.
  • Tuujee is quiet, fans/comments are not the points here, all you need is to browse and collect.
  • Tuujee is focused, here will be no recipe and soul chicken soup pictures.
  • Tuujee will be a paid product (currently it is still a free registration stage). We do not collect and sell any personal privacy data. We treat users as customers, not as sellable products.
  • Hmmmm…. If we think of other points, we will continue to add them here.

Early free now

1 Year

$7 $3.9 / month
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Free refund in 7 days
  • View related paintings

1 Month

$7 / month
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Free refund in 7 days
  • View related paintings
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Pictures on this site are uploaded by users.The copyright belongs to the original author.
If you believe a post infringes upon your copyright, please contact with us.

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