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Most frequent questions and answers

If we were not worried about the about page layout being too full, we would prefer to discuss our shortcomings at the beginning.
1. Tuujee website construction is not perfect, you may find bugs at any time. If you help us to report bugs, we promise to give you corresponding rewards after they are resolved.
2. The hardware equipment of tuujee cannot be compared with technology giants, and may appear slow when there are too many visitors. But if the website develops quickly, we will speed up the optimization.
3. It is difficult for tuujee to bring you enough virtual sense of accomplishment. I mean, you cannot expect many fans and applause from the early tuujee.
4. Due to the limitation of human resources, the response speed of our service may be difficult to satisfy you, but we promise to reply to any voice.

Tuujee is positioned as a painting collection, and is more inclined to collect pictures like paintings, with unique brush effect and colors. Images created using software such as C4D or 3D MAX are more used in design than pure aesthetics. If you want to see more CG design pictures, maybe Behance is a good choice.

If the picture is found by the uploading user in the public area of ​​the Internet, then we think that the picture is ready to be shared. We will try to persuade users to actively delete the picture.

But if the picture is your private picture or you have never posted it in a public area of ​​the Internet, please contact us to provide evidence. We will assist in removing the picture or paying for it. I guess this is more efficient than the very complex DMCA.

From the perspective of content management:
1. Both Pixiv and Booru (what is booru?) tend to show anime pics, and tuujee is more hybrid.
We think Pixiv and Booru websites are flooded with too many porn pics. Of course, you can choose to filter them, but the side effect of the huge traffic caused by porn pics is: this makes the website content converge and boring.

2. From From the perspective of images recommender:
Pixiv and Booru often define“popular pictures” in terms of user likes/collections.This prevents the niche but excellent pictures from being displayed
.Tuujee does not consider such parameters at all, and we evaluate“popular pictures” according to the artistic meaning of the pics.

3. Pixiv and Booru sites rely on tags created by users to index pictures, but most of the time, users will not use tags in a unified standard, which leads to tags that are too random and easy to go to extremes, either too detailed or too generalized .And Tuujee make tags by a team.

We never discuss which product is better, we only explain the difference, so that you can choose the product that suits you.